Summer. In Review.

This summer has been a wild one for ya girl! I've barely had time to keep my blog updated for y'all, besides posting for my PR writing class! So, hey y'all!

*cues Summer by Calvin Harris*

My summer has consisted of working, classes, and balancing my non-existent social life.
I've literally been working my ass off this summer. Like, every time my friends talk about going to the beach or out of town for the day, guess where I am?

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Inspiration? Sninspiration.

I don’t look to many people for inspiration. I’m more of a, “oh look! this happened!” type of person. I see and I recognize, meaning I don’t have my eye on just one person.

Personally, I don’t care for people that much, I stay to myself most of the time. It’s legitimately wild that I have chosen a field in Public Relations. I can talk to people until it starts getting unbearable and then I just want to go and hide somewhere. One time someone asked me if I like puzzles. I replied, “I like puzzles until I don’t.” That’s kinda how I feel about people mostly.

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I need a vacation. Seriously.

*Photos below are not my own, only the words.

If money wasn’t an issue and I could travel anywhere, I would love to go to Europe. I would want to start in England, visit Big Ben and Buckingham Palace in Westminster and ride The Eye in London.  I’ve always heard that London has a ton of takeaway Indian places, so I want to try those out as well.  Stratford-upon-Avon is a must destination in England also since William Shakespeare was born there.

Image result for stratford upon avon

After England, I would make my way to France and put my very crusty French to use. Trust me, it’s rustier than an old screw in an abandoned building. Parlez vous?

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Dinner Parties and Fun Soirees.

*I do not own any of the pictures or gifs posted!

When I was younger, there was a time in my life that I would’ve been perfectly fine with being a stay-at-home wife who was a homemaker as long as I got to throw extravagant dinner parties and wear those fancy dresses and pin-up girl makeup. Oh, and drink wine. Lots of wine.

Anywho, times have changed. I would still like to host dinner parties though, that still sounds like a ton of fun.

If I were to host a dinner party, here are 10 people that I would invite to enjoy a delightful evening with:

  1. Amy Winehouse
  2. Olivia (My mom)
  3. Prince
  4. Edna Lewis
  5. Malala Yousafzai
  6. Deja (My best friend)
  7. Dr. Sebi
  8. Jennifer  (My aunt)
  9. Andre  (My uncle)
  10. Kerry (My pops)

Why these people you ask?

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My Dream Job.

When I was younger, my two favorite hobbies were to cook and write. When I started college, my major was mass communications and I really wanted to write and become a journalist. However, after an awful breakup, dramatic weight gain and a stint where I would skip class and stay in bed and watch Sex and The City (and relate to all of Big and Carrie’s issues), I decided I wanted to become a loosely based clone of Samantha Jones and go into Public Relations. I transferred schools and changed my major. But, what do I want to do with my major? Do I want to work for a non-profit organization? Or do I want to cook?

As much as SATC inspired me, so did Chef, a Jon Favreau movie about a guy who worked in a kitchen with a boss who tried to hinder his creativity. He ended up quitting his job and opening his own food truck w/ some of his old staff. His passion for food was something so beautiful that I felt it in my soul. I relate so heavily, because I love food. I don’t just love the taste, I love everything about it. The time and patience that goes into certain dishes, the preparation, all of it. At home, cooking is my stress reliever. Wouldn’t you want to do something that you enjoy and causes you very little stress?

I know there are many people who want to go into the culinary field, but I plan to stand out by being able to do my own P.R. and managing myself while being able to have a business.  I plan on taking some food science classes to prepare myself and learn a bit more about the technical part of food.

Heyyyyy Spring! An Update.

Spring is literally my favorite time of the year! The bees are out, and the blanket that Winter left on the town seems to have been lifted.  College students are back in their comfort-colored tanks and “norts”* and on the move. The farmers market is finally back on campus, and ya girl can finally get fresh kale without having to fight the hipsters. 

Not only are the flowers in bloom, but it’s also Aries season! I’m not big on zodiac stuff (I’m living my lies in peace, in case you were wondering), but I enjoy reading my horoscope and relating to those stupid posts on facebook that talk about the different signs and their traits and such. I don’t know if I should be ashamed about how I always find these posts so relatable, but oh well. E
aries smaries

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Quinoa Bowls!

Do you ever go to the store for something so annoyingly needed and get upset because its all gone? Like, when I can’t find my specific almond milk or the type of whole raw carrots I like aren’t there or THE  KALE IS GONE (especially this one?). Y’ALL. I lowkey go OWF. I get so upset that what I want isn’t there. And, how come Walmart Neighborhood doesn’t sell regular sweet potatoes? Ugh. I’m such a food snob but I can’t even bother to care. Sue me.


I’ve been wanting to post this for a bit, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied with the Hair Show, but now that the show is over, why not!

This is Quinoa.


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